MANSFIELD -- Mansfield Public Works Director Dave Remy issued a warning Friday afternoon for city residents to be on guard against individuals going door-to-door and erroneously stating they are working for an energy company in collaboration with the city.

"Over the last week the city of Mansfield has received a number of calls regarding individuals going door-to-door, indicating that they work for Direct Energy," Remy said. "These individuals are stating that they are working with the city to check individual resident's natural gas and electric rates.

"The City of Mansfield has absolutely no connection to or with these individuals or company portraying itself as Direct Energy. The city has no record of these individuals receiving duly authorized permits to go door-to-door."

Remy urged to the public to use caution if approached by these individuals and to report such incidents to the Mansfield Police Department at 419-522-1234 or the Public Works Director at 419-755-9628.

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