Clearfork Reservoir dam

A "no trespassing" sign keeps visitors away from the Clearfork Reservoir dam, seen here from Gass Road.

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Board of Control on Tuesday approved a $145,400 contract with Stantec to do construction engineering related to a $1.2 million seepage mitigation project at the 72-year-old Clearfork Reservoir dam.

City Council approved the overall project on March 16. Board of Control members participating Tuesday were Mayor Tim Theaker, Finance Director Linn Steward and Public Works Director Dave Remy.

The city's water fund will be tapped to pay for the project. According to the Stantec website, the company has 22,000 employees working in more than 350 locations across six continents.

During the control board meeting Tuesday, city engineer Bob Bianchi said the Ohio Department of Natural Resources looked at the original construction plans and asked that the berm being installed be doubled in size.

He said the new ODNR direction "changed the plans significantly" and that actual construction of the berm may not begin until 2022.

The earthen dam, built in 1949, created the 4.4-billion gallon reservoir that supplies the majority of the city's water.

Before the City Council vote, Bianchi said water has been seeping under and through portions of the dam since the 1970s, but he stressed there is no threat to the dam's soundness.

"There is no potential problem right now," Bianchi said. "This is to prevent a potential problem. The dam is functioning as intended and we have no concern for any major problems."

Also on Tuesday, the control board approved a $166,000 low bid from Smith Paving for a sidewalk construction/improvement project for Cook Road between Ohio 13 and Brookfield Drive.

Bianchi, who said the Ohio Department of Transportation is paying for 90 percent of the project, said the sidewalks will be on the north and south sides of Cook Road.

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