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Leaf collection begins soon in Mansfield.

MANSFIELD -- Mayor Tim Theaker is announcing the start of the 2021 leaf collection program. The City will utilize the Service Complex at 480 Park Avenue East as the leaf collection site this year.

The Service Complex is currently accepting leaf drop-offs seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Citizens are required to stop into the office before dropping leaves off on site. Sterkel Park will not be utilized this year in order to accommodate EPA clean compost standards and work force restrictions.

All residents are encouraged to use the collection site or to compost their leaves.

The City of Mansfield expects to start the curb side leaf program Monday, Nov. 1, 2021. The City plans to make a single pass to pick up leaves curb side. An attempt will be made for a second pass, however, with 5 leaf picking crews covering the entire city, the second pass will be highly dependent upon the weather and equipment. Weekly progression of the City crews will be posted through the news media and on the City’s web page at http://www.ci.mansfield.oh.us.

Crews will be working daily, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., during regular scheduled work hours. If residents would like their leaves picked up, they are asked to rake the leaves up to the curb, but not onto the street, as they fall. Blowing or raking leaves onto city streets results in a violation of City ordinance 911.06(b), plugs catch basins, and can cause flooding. The City will not pick up limbs, brush, grass clippings, trash, debris, plastics bags, or paper bags.

The leaf collection route is divided in to four areas. The four areas are further divided into zones that the City uses for snow plowing. The City will start in Area One and then continue to areas Two, Three, and Four. There will be five, four person crews working throughout the different areas and zones. It will take roughly a week and a half per area, depending upon the weather and equipment. The planned route is as follows:

Area 1 contains zones 9, 10, and 1.

1 – Crew starting at Grace at Ashland Rd. working northwest (Zone 1)

1 – Crew starting at Trimble and Park Ave West working east (Zone 9)

1 – Crew starting at Home Rd. and Park Ave West working east (Zone 9)

1 – Crew starting at N. Main St. and Sixth St. working west (Zone 10)

1 – Crew starting at Walker Lake Rd. and Home Rd. working south and east

(Zone 10)

Area 2 contains zones 7 and 8.

1 – Crew will start at Cline and Lexington Ave. and working south west (Zone 7).

1 – Crew will start at Woodland Rd. at W. Cook and working north east (Zone 7).

1 – Crew starting at Marion and Sherman Ave working west (Zone 8)

1 – Crew starting at S. Trimble and Park Ave West working east (Zone 8)

1 – Crew starting at Home Rd. and Park Ave West working east (Zone 8)

Area 2 contains zones 5 and 6.

1 – Crew will start at Main St. and Lexington Ave working south. (Zone 5).

1 – Crew will start Hanley Rd and Middle Bellville Rd. working north. (Zone 5).

1 – Crew will start at W. Cook Rd. and S. Main St. working south. (Zone 5).

1 – Crew starting W. Cook and Woodhill working south west (Zone 6)

1 – Crew starting in the southwest corner of Royal Oak and work north east

(Zone 6)

Area 1 contains zones 2, 3, and 4.

1 – Crew starting at Madison Rd. and Park Ave East working west (Zone 2)

1 – Crew starting at Oak and Davidson working west (Zone 3)

1 – Crew starting at Diamond and Main working east (Zone 3)

1 – Crew starting at Diamond and Main St. working south (Zone 4)

1 – Crew starting at S. Main St and Stimens Dr. working north (Zone 4)

Please refer to the City of Mansfield home page for a map and any detail updates.

Once an area has been completed, the City will document it on the City of Mansfield’s home page under the 2021 Leaf Program tab. The City of Mansfield would like to encourage all residents to bag their leaves and bring them to the City Service Complex (480 Park Avenue East), or to compost them by way of mowing or other methods.

Please, when raking your leaves to the curb, do not place them in the streets.

This causes flooding, other storm water related issues, and is a violation of city ordinance #911.06(b).

Any questions should be directed to the City Service Complex Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 419-755-9803.

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