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Shelby City councilman subpoenaed for affiliation with "Stop the Steal"; New addition to Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame;  Remembering Kermit Caldwell
Today - A Shelby City councilman has been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Capitol earlier this year.
Nathan Martin has been subpoenaed to appear for a deposition later this month. He was subpoenaed because of his alleged affiliation with “Stop the Steal,” a right-wing group connected to at least two rallies that took place on or near the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. According to documents provided to the Select Committee, an organization named “One Nation Under God” submitted a permit application in December to the U.S. Capitol Police for a rally concerning “election fraud in the swing states.” That rally was to be held on the U.S. Capitol Grounds on Jan. 6, 2021.
Martin’s phone number and email address were listed among the organization’s contact information. And the mailing address listed belongs to right-wing activist Ali Abdul Akbar - the leader of Stop the Steal. Martin told us that he has “no comment at this time,” but the U.S. Army veteran did speak of his intentions during a previous interview on January 8th. He said he went to the "Save America" rally to demonstrate for election reform. He also said he condemned people who stormed the halls of Congress, a riot that has now left five dead.
He also said that he went to the Capitol grounds that afternoon, but never actually entered the building. According to Martin’s subpoena, a USCP official spoke to him by telephone around December 28th, 2020. At that point Martin “claimed not to have any information about the rally” and directed the official to speak with a vendor whose information was also listed on the permit application.
According to the notes from a Capitol police officer, the vendor was “shocked” to learn this because he was in “daily communication” with Martin about the event. He identified both Alexander and Martin as affiliated with Stop the Steal.
The vendor also told the officer that while Martin didn’t appear to have an official title with the group, he dealt with daily operations like hotel bookings and car rentals. For now, Mayor Steve Schag of Shelby said he would wait to see how things unfold before drawing conclusions.  He says that Martin already told them he was present that day, and so far, he’s never had any reason to doubt his integrity or love of our country.
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Next, some local history. Did you know that Leaning Tower of Pizza on Lexington Avenue in Mansfield wants you to know it isn’t just “another crummy pizza place”? Founded in 1957 by Joe Hess, it makes several claims to fame. The first is that they were the first in the area to serve pizza… saying “most people had never tasted a pizza” and often people over forty would refuse to try it out. But despite some who called it a fad, Pizza was here to stay and would rapidly become America’s favorite food. They also claim to have baked the first sub in the area and their 24” long variant became the biggest sandwich in Ohio. There’s nothing stopping you from dropping by and ordering today and experiencing some Mansfield History for yourself.

Next, From Ashland Source - On October 16th James Deppen will be inducted into the Ashland County Sports Hall of Fame.
Deppen is the youngest of four children… His earliest memories of “playing sports” were with his siblings and parents. His older brother and the boyfriends of his two sisters would often challenge him in various sports. And later in my life two of those boyfriends coached him in football and track. And, as a 1974 graduate of Galion High School, he was a letterwinner in football and track, gaining all conference in football.
Then, starting in 1986, he began coaching freshman football, middle school wrestling, and middle school track. The 2021 football season is his 36th season at the high school level for coaching football in Ashland. Deppen says that he knows that it’s cliché, but his go to saying is: “Character is who you are when no one is watching”. His hope is that as he finishes his coaching career and his life that he can live that statement.

Finally, we’d like to take a moment to remember Kermit Caldwell.
Kermit was born in 1926 in Tennessee and lived a full and purposeful life of service, working from an early age at various companies, before launching his own corporation, Kermit Caldwell’s Hauling Demolition in Mansfield. After the loss of his first wife, Myrtle, he continued to raise his children until he met and married his loving and devoted wife Dorothy Caldwell from Brownsville. They were united in marriage on November 17, 1974.
He will be remembered by six children In addition to being a father to children that were not his own, which includes a host of children, siblings, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and friends. Kermit was a long standing member and served as Trustee at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church. He was also a life member of NAACP and supported the community in all its capacities. He continued to serve those in need until his passing. Thank you for taking a moment with us today to remember and celebrate Kermit’s life.


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