Lions donations

The Mansfield United Lions Club, supported by Lions Club members from around Ohio, recently helped to stock the shelves with toiletries for The Domestic Violence Shelter in Mansfield.

MANSFIELD – Lions Clubs members from around Ohio helped to stock the shelves of The Domestic Violence Shelter through a local community service project gone statewide.

“I am so humbled by this effort,” said Angel Ross-Taylor, president of the Mansfield United Lions Club.

The newly chartered community service organization initiated its first service project in March for its members and the community to help to collect toiletries for the local shelter.

Members of the club and their affiliates collected shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and more toiletries. The first batch of collected items covered the entire back of a van (with the seats down) and was delivered in April.

Nate Childs

Mansfield United Lions Club member Nate Childs helps unload supplies for The Domestic Violence Shelter.

In the meantime, members of Lions Clubs from around the state were being encouraged to help with the effort.

“Let’s help out the newly chartered Mansfield United Lions Club with a statewide service project for a domestic violence shelter in District OH-2,” stated a flyer sent to all Lions Clubs in the state.

The Ohio Lions had their state convention in Dublin in. Members from various clubs from around the state convened to learn leadership information, learn from other clubs and spend time with old friends.

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Chuck Diskin

Mansfield United Lions Club member Chuck Diskin helps deliver supplies for The Domestic Violence Shelter.

Bill Harner, the “guiding lion” for the Mansfield club and Nathaniel Childs, membership chairperson for the club, sat at the collection table while at the convention in awe at the amount of donations that poured in from Lions members from around the state.

“It was pretty incredible,” Childs said. “We were expecting donations, but we could have never guessed it would be this much.”

Mansfield United Lions Club members Chuck Diskin, A’daija Perry, Phillip Coey and Nate Childs delivered two truckloads of toiletries containing pillows, bath towels, wash clothes and more that was collected from Lions clubs members from around the state.

“The generosity of everyone who donated is inspiring,” said Kathy Ezawa, executive director of The Domestic Violence Shelter, through a Facebook post.