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LEXINGTON - Eight people connected to the Dec. 30, 2016 brawl at Lexington High School were charged with disorderly conduct as a result of the incident.

The Lexington Police Department reported on Jan. 13 that Ty Stover, Trevor Stover, Robert Stover, Mark Hart, Marquis Blair, Antonio Crossty and two juveniles were charged with variations of disorderly conduct related to the brawl.

Robert Stover, Ty Stover and Trevor Stover have been cited into the Lexington Mayor's court for Feb. 8, 2017. Mark Hart, Antonio Crossty and Marquis Blair have been cited into the Lexington Mayor's court for Feb. 22, 2017. The two juveniles have been cited into Richland County Juvenile Court, which will then be transferred to Wayne County Juvenile Court.

The Lexington Police Department named 22 people, including four juveniles, in their initial report of the incident on Dec. 30, 2016, though only eight were charged.

According to a report from Lexington Officer Jon VanHouten, the brawl began several minutes after the Lexington vs. Wooster boys' basketball game had concluded. The Minutemen had just lost their first game of the season, 63-41, while Wooster remained undefeated.

Officer VanHouten was working a security detail at the game when several people exiting informed him of a fight inside the gym at the visitor side balcony.

"My attention was initially drawn to a Wooster player who was being restrained by his own teammates," VanHouten said. "It appeared that he was attempting to break free and fight someone. I grabbed his arms and started to restrain him."

From there, VanHouten observed a male not in a basketball uniform being restrained by a female administrator for Wooster High School. After the male calmed down, VanHouten directed his attention to the area of the initial problem, the reserved seating area for Lexington fans.

By the time VanHouten approached the area the fighting had stopped, however people were still yelling and everyone's stories were conflicting.

"I made contact with Ty Stover due to a complaint made that he had punched a juvenile from Wooster," VanHouten said. "I also observed Trevor Stover and Robert Stover to have injuries to their faces."

Police determined the timeline of events to be that Robert Stover, a Lexington fan, and Mark Hart, a Wooster fan, were shouting at each other in the lower reserve section of the visitor side. As the verbal argument ensues, Wooster High School Assistant Principal Andrew Batcher is seen trying to restrain two Wooster students.

"Ty Stover then reaches over and Batcher and punches the juvenile in the chest," VanHouten said. As the juvenile attempts to retaliate, chaos ensues, with punches thrown and pushing and shoving causing multiple people to fall down.

Ty Stover was charged with disorderly conduct (fighting) for striking the juvenile. Trevor Stover was charged with disorderly conduct (fighting) for shoving Antonio Crossty into a crowd of people causing himself, Crossty and other people to fall down. Robert Stover was charged with disorderly conduct (fighting) for punching Mark Hart, and Hart was charged the same for punching Robert Stover.

Marquis Blair was charged with disorderly conduct (taunting) for pushing through the crowd to engage in fighting when other people were trying to physically prevent him from doing so. Antonio Crossty was charged with disorderly conduct (taunting) for engaging in a verbal argument with Trevor Stover and pushing he and other people in the crowd.

The two juveniles were both charged with disorderly conduct (taunting) for making several physical attempts to push their way past a school administrator to engage in fighting.

In addition to charges from the police department, Ty Stover, Trevor Stover and Robert Stover were also issued an eight-game ban by Lexington Schools. Police also report that Ty Stover is an employee of Westerville North High School, and that Trevor Stover is the father of a Lexington basketball player.

"I explained to (Ty Stover) that his actions warranted a summons for disorderly conduct (fighting)," VanHouten said in a Jan. 6 report. "Ty Stover agreed with the charge and apologized for his actions."

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