The New Store

The welcome area of The New Store at the Mid Ohio Educational Service Center sets the tone for the day - bright, colorful, and fun. 

MANSFIELD -- The New Store was recently selected as one of four non-profit recipients in the U.S. to receive free clothes for distribution among local youngsters through a program sponsored by KIDBOX.

The other non-profits were from New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas.

The New Store Executive Director Julie Kleshinski had no idea what to expect.

“I thought it could result in a box or two of clothing. I had not previously heard of the KIDBOX organization, and had no knowledge of their customer base or sales figures,” Kleshinski said.

Instead, The New Store received a shipment of three pallets, 80 boxes, 1,700 pounds and roughly 3,000 clothing items. The items are brand new, top quality clothing for sizes 2T through youth 16.

“We can’t believe our good fortune with the opportunity to give away these clothes," Kleshinski said. "It is top quality clothing, in brands that exceed our budget to purchase. We will be able to serve 500 or more students with this clothing. “

The New Store is affiliated with the KIDS/Fashion Delivers organization, of New York City. The company works with major retailers and manufacturers throughout the U.S., ensuring that surplus, returned, or closeout merchandise gets put into the hands of local non-profits that can most benefit. The New Store is paired with the local Carters, Gymboree, and Toys R Us stores.

The New Store just completed its schedule of dressing days for the school year, and served a record 1,200 students. August will be here soon and thanks to KIDBOX, The New Store will be ready.


All of the children served are in kindergarten through eighth grade, and have been referred by their school principal, Harmony House, Friendly House, or Domestic Violence Shelter staff based on financial need.

The New Store schedules appointments with the parents or guardians. We typically schedule 50-plus children for each of 15 “Dressing Days” throughout the school year.

Dressing days are the highlight of the program. As the parents or guardians wait in the lobby, the children are brought in individually and assigned a volunteer. The volunteer helps them pick out clothes and mentors them as they go throughout the store.

All clothing is tried on to ensure proper fit. The volunteer helps make the child feel special and enjoy a unique shopping experience. When they are finished, the child and volunteer show the parent/guardian what they have chosen.

The New Store P.O. Box 2525 Mansfield, Ohio, 44906, is located inside the Mid-Ohio Conference Center at 890 West Fourth St. For more information call 419-565-7505.


Recently KIDS/Fashion Delivers partnered with KIDBOX, which helps parents with hassle-free shopping, by sending a box of current, upscale clothing tailored to their child. For every complete box purchased by a family, KIDBOX would donate clothing to children in needy families.

The goal? To distribute new clothes to over one million kids.

Through Kidbox Cares, parents have an opportunity to open a conversation about social responsibility and giving and share with their kids the awesome experiences of getting & giving clothes to children in needy families. Partnering with you and your family to select a specific cause to support is key to creating a direct link between unpacking happiness, your family and those families who need it too.

Of the more than 46 million poor in the U.S, 16.4 million are aged 2-12 years. Most of these kids have never owned a piece of new clothing, instead wearing hand-me-down or used clothes.

The gift of receiving and wearing something new and exclusively theirs does wonders for a child's sense of security and self-esteem. New clothing boosts their spirits, creates a sense of normalcy and lets them know that they are highly valued. Kidbox is a team of parents and apparel veterans, and making a difference for children is close to our hearts.

For kids, clothing is a both basic need AND a key to their success in school. When students have new clothing that helps them feel confident, they’re more likely to attend school with the self-esteem needed to succeed academically and socially.

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