voting machines

Richland County will have new voting machines in place by the November general election, featuring equipment supplied by Dominion Voting Systems.

MANSFIELD -- Richland County voters will use new voting machines in November and the Board of Elections is offering demonstrations.

The BOE staff is offering to schedule demonstrations/presentations of the new equipment to any organization or group.

"We would ask that groups who request a demo include a minimum of 20 persons/voters in attendance. Please contact us at 419-774-5530 or 419-774-4068 to schedule a date and time for the presentation, the elections board said in a press release.

"Please be aware that the closer it gets to the November general election, the more difficult it will be for the board to fit you into the schedule," the release said.

Purchased this summer, the state-certified ICX Prime voting machine from Dominion Voting Systems replaces Diebold’s TSX machine purchased in 2006.

Richland County Board of Elections Director Paulette Hankins said, “The new machines look slightly different than the old ones, but there is virtually no difference in how the voter uses them."

"Choices are made using a touch screen and a printer records those choices so that the voter can verify them before the ballot is cast. The voter-verified paper trail is the official record of votes, which would be used in any recount and/or audit," Hankins said.

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