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MANSFIELD -- For the second time in less than two weeks, Mansfield Police have received a report of individuals claiming to be representatives from Richland County Children Services trying to gain entry into a home and question a resident about a custody case.

According to a press release from Mansfield Police Chief Keith Porch, two women and a man claiming to be from Richland County Children Services approached a home Tuesday afternoon in the 1700 block of Middle-Bellville Road. Two white females and a white male told a resident they needed to come inside her home and speak to her about an open case she had with their agency.

Porch said the resident became suspicious as the blue lanyard holding their photo ID’s did not look right and they had no other identifying paperwork to confirm their identities. When the resident questioned them about their photo ID, they advised “it was the new look” of RCCS.

"The resident denied the three individuals entry into her home and they left the area in a dark blue Toyota SUV/Crossover," Porch said in a press release. "The resident was not able to get a license plate number but did advise the plate was not a government type of plate as it did not have the red letters. The vehicle was not located."

This is the second report taken report by Mansfield Police of suspicious individuals claiming to be from Richland County Children Services and attempting to gain access into homes. The first incident occurred in the area of Sycamore and W. 3rd Street on Oct. 11.

That incident involved two white females who came to a residence claiming to be from “Childrens Services” and attempted to gain entry into the home. The resident at that address then confronted the two women about not being from Children's Services at which time the two women left the area.

"We believe these two incidents are related," Porch stated. "Richland County Children's Services was contacted each time and advised that no one from their agency had been to those addresses. The actions of these individuals are alarming and we are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying them.

"As always, if someone cannot display proper identification and/or they are acting in such a way as to make you question their identity or make you feel uncomfortable, do not allow them in your home and call police immediately."

The first subject is described as a white female in her 30s with long brown hair and glasses. The second subject is described as a white female with shorter blonde hair in her 30s. The third subject is described as a white male, older, wearing glasses, last seen wearing a red shirt and khakis.

If anyone has information on their identities or may have security video footage of these individuals, contact Lt. Rob Skropits of Major Crimes at 419-755-9755.

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