Shawn Grate was sentenced to life without parole in March, 2019, for four charges related to the murders of two Mansfield women.

ASHLAND -- No one wants to imagine being abducted, tied to a bed and sexually assaulted over two days. But it was a real scenario for a local woman.

The house where she was kept was abandoned, except for the rotting corpses of two other victims. The odor of recent kills filled the house. The perpetrator had fallen asleep.

The victim managed to free her arms from the makeshift bed restraints (that are made from stolen clothes from a local donation bin) and grab his phone.

She desperately wanted to escape the bedroom, but knew the door was really loud and creaky, and opening it may wake this executioner. So she called 911 for help.

Jane Doe

This is a new sketch of a woman found in Marion County, as described by Shawn Grate, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office. (Submitted photo).

She isn't sure of her location. All she can do is look through the window and try to describe the scene to the dispatcher, all while whispering, all while hoping the serial murderer doesn’t open his eyes.

On the newest episode of “Chalk Murder to Me,” hosts Adam Fox and Noah Jones go thorough the heroic 911 call this victim made to the police, highlighting a 20-minute struggle for survival.

Bound victim

Ashland Source reporter Courtney McNaull, who covered the Shawn Grate serial killer case from when the news first broke all the way through the trial, joined the “Chalk Murder” boys on the latest podcast.

McNaull talked about Grate's upbringing, how he came to town and gave a general profile of this serial killer. Especially creepy are the glass jars with little roses he kept as victim trophies.

Listen and find out the intimate details about a present-day Ohio serial killer and how one brave lady brought him to justice.

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