Hamad Tire

The manager of this 395 Park Ave. West auto shop has been charged with public indecency and voyeurism by Mansfield police. 

MANSFIELD -- The 27-year-old manager of Hamad Tire was charged with public indecency and voyeurism Thursday after videos on his phone showed him masturbating in his business waiting room and also secretly recording women in the toilet of the business.

Police charged Robert D. Hedrick, of 383 Third Ave., with one count of public indecency (third-degree misdemeanor) and three counts of voyeurism, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Robert Hedrick mug shot

Robert D. Hedrick, 27

Hedrick was arraigned in Mansfield Municipal Court on Friday and bond was set at $10,000. His trial date was set for Sept. 10, according to court records. Under Ohio law, a first-degree misdemeanor carries a maximum of 180 days in jail. A third-degree misdemeanor has a 60-day maximum sentence.

According to police, detective Ryan Anschutz went to the 395 Park Ave. West auto shop and found videos on Hedrick's cellular device "that depicted the secret and surreptitious recording of females using the toilet at the business."

Police discovered a vent had been accessed beneath the HVAC unit that provided hidden access to the female's bathroom without the knowledge of the bathroom's users.

Police said they also found a video on Hedrick's phone that shows him in the waiting room of the business, directly behind a customer in the waiting room, sitting in a chair, police said.

Authorities said the video shows Hedrick pleasure himself and then ejaculate onto the back of the unknown female without her knowledge and then walk away as the video ends.

During questioning by police, Hedrick allegedly said he likes to video women under their skirts because it's "not something you're supposed to see."

Police said, "Although an exact time frame has not been determined yet, it is believed the incidents may have taken place over the last year or so. This is an ongoing investigation and we are asking anyone who has knowledge of these crimes and/or may believe they are a victim, to call detective Ryan Anschutz at 419-755-9764."

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