Bucyrus Police cruiser

BUCYRUS -- Four people, including two juveniles, were arrested Wednesday in connection with the theft of a Bratwurst Festival Committee golf cart, according to Bucyrus police.

The committee reported the golf cart, a 2019 EZGO utility car, was stolen from the 300 block of South Sandusky Street. It was later found on Schaber Street, re-painted a different color.

Officers found one of the persons involved in the heist in the 1300 block on Monnett Street. A 16-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl were both arrested, as were Jordan Gibson, 19, and Elizabeth Blankenship, 19

The four were spotted on video, attempting to hide their faces, in the vicinity of the crime. It is unclear which involved party painted the car with a brush and white latex house paint. Tools were missing from the cart.

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