JEROMESVILLE -- A former art teacher at Hillsdale Middle School and High School was charged Wednesday with five counts of voyeurism in Ashland Municipal Court. 

Robert E. Altenburger is accused of committing these acts this past August. One charge stems from an August 22 incident and the four other charges relate to incidents on August 30. 

According to a statement issued by Superintendent Steve Dickerson, the situation concerning Altenburger was brought to the administration's attention on Saturday, August 31.  

“The allegations were of a nature that we immediately involved our school resource officer and the Ashland County Sheriff's Department,” he said. 

There has been an ongoing investigation until the recent charges were filed.  During the course of the investigation, Mr. Altenburger was on paid leave until he resigned his position on September 10.  

“The district at this time immediately filed a report with the Ohio Department of Education Office of Professional Conduct, which is law if an employee resigns while under investigation,” Dickerson said.

He explained that the school district had not previously released any statement as there was an ongoing investigation.

Dickerson emphasized how important it was for the students who noticed something said something to a responsible adult.  

“This allowed not only the district to take immediate action but for law enforcement to do their part,” he said.

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