Mansfield City Schools Board of Education Raemelton

MANSFIELD -- The Nov. 5 election will bring with it three vacant spots on the Mansfield City School's Board of Education.

The five-member board of education conducts at least one meeting each month. Board members earn $80 per meeting and have a cap at 24 meetings per calendar-year.

The candidates are Wendy Burnom, current board president Renda Cline, Pamela Jones-Rembert, Barbara Kern and current board member Sheryl Weber.

Also running for re-election is Judy Stahl Forney, who is opposed by Linda S. Golden.

One term lasts four years.

Wendy Burnom, 260 S. Trimble Road

Burnom is running with a special passion for children in mind, she said.

"I've worked for 33 years in our district as a teacher and principal and my vision is our children, when they enter the school doors they can become productive citizens who are ready to compete with high standards and make a positive difference."

She is also a product of the Mansfield City Schools District.

Renda Cline, 49, 244 S. Trimble Road

Cline, who has been on the board for eight years and served as board president four times, said she understands the needs for the district and is excited to see the district making gains and progress for the city.

"I love this district and I love this city," she said. "I want to make sure the students have an equitable experience and have opportunities to strengthen them and be successful adults.

Pamela Jones-Rembert, 64, 624 Glendale Blvd.

Jones-Remebert is running on a passion for children, she said. Since 2006 she has owned and operated the Children's Cupboard, a summer and after-school care program teaching life skills and education courses.

"I'm very hands on and I want to bring that to the board," she said. "I want to be an advocate for children on the board. I want to see them come out of the high school and be able to make something of themselves."

Barbara Kern, 715 Courtwright Blvd.

Kern, a mother of four students who began their education at Spanish Immersion, is running for a seat on the board highlighting her experience as a parent in the district.

She said she has had to pull two of her students from the district after several frustrations.

"The major one is teachers need more help," she said. "I'm running because I'm not being heard as a parent, and I hope that running for school board, someone will listen." 

Sheryl Weber, 68, 139 Gibson Avenue

Weber, running for reelection for a second term said she wanted to be a board member after 32 years of teaching in 2015. She also worked as an administrator in the district.

"I'd seen all the different sides of it, and I felt that that I could be a viable person on the board," she said. "I think the people in the district, knowing what educationally needs to be done, I understand things other board members don't know because they haven't been in the trenches."

Judy Stahl Forney, 69, 560 Chevy Chase Road

Forney resigned from her seat in May of 2019 after she learned in order to receive retirement benefits she would have to resign. Her seat, which she won in 2017, is in need of being filled. It will will be up for reelection in 2021. 

"I'm really enjoying being on the board," Forney said. "The board we have now is working well together and the district is making strides. I want to continue to be apart of it."

Linda S. Golden, 335 Muth Road

Golden, a teacher who spent 13 of her 17-year career in the Mansfield City School District, is running for a seat on the board because she sees the progress the district is making and wants to help contribute, she said.

She listed five priorities to focus on if she were elected, creating a safe and welcoming environment for students, continuing the academic improvement and improving the graduation rate, hire a more diverse staff to represent the student body, listening to the staff's needs to be successful for students and having more parent and community leaders involved with the schools.

"You can't have a successful city with out a successful school district," Golden said.

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