Shelby Justice Center

Shelby Justice Center. (Richland Source file photo)

SHELBY — The ballot for all five seats on Shelby City Council will not reflect the actual race on Nov. 2. 

Voters in Shelby's third ward will see two names to choose from. However, only the incumbent Garland John Gates is still in the running to retain his seat. 

Dominic Ewing confirmed to Richland Source on Wednesday that he had decided to withdraw from the running for Shelby's 3rd Ward council seat.

Ewing dropped out on Oct. 1, well after the Board of Elections met and certified the candidate list on Aug. 10, which is why his name will still appear on the ballot. 

"If he receives any, those votes won't mean anything," said Matt Finfgeld, director of the Richland County Board of Elections. "The other candidate will be the winner." 

Candidates Steve McLaughlin, Charles Roub, Derrin Roberts and Nathan Martin will also run uncontested races for their respective council seats. 

Each of Shelby's five members of council are elected every two years. A council member is elected from each of the four wards and one council member elected at large.

Some specific powers and duties Shelby City Council include:

• Enact legislation in the form of ordinances and resolutions

• Confirm mayoral appointments to board and commissions

• Determine the salaries, bonds, and other compensation of officers and employees

• Authorize contracts for public works projects and major purchases

• Appropriate the expenditures of public moneys

• Set electric, water, and sewer rates

• Levy and collect special assessments

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