Mulberry & Fourth Street

Funds from the "Pothole Haters" income tax, which is up for renewal on the May 4 primary ballot, help pay for street repairs and paving in the City of Mansfield. (Richland Source file photo)

MANSFIELD -- No one's rates will go up if voters renew two City of Mansfield income tax levies on the May 4 ballot.

But city officials would tell you that failure of either could cause serious damage to their ability to provide service to local residents in a government already hard-pressed for funds.

"These are both renewals. They are not new taxes," Mayor Tim Theaker said as City Council approved placing the issues back on the ballot back in December.

Both issues on the primary ballot are four-year renewals of 0.25 percent income taxes that cut across several, specific areas of city services.

One of the issues is the Parks, Recreation, Illumination, Demolitions and Emergency Services (PRIDE) tax, which generates about $3.7 million annually.

The tax benefits the city's police and fire departments (50 percent), as well as parks and recreation (22 percent), demolition (20 percent) and street lights (8 percent).

It was first approved in 2013 and renewed in 2017.

The other renewal is for road construction and repair, also known as the "I Hate Potholes" levy.

It generates a similar amount as PRIDE and goes directly to the city's street repair efforts, a tax that has helped local road work, including resurfacing, for more than three decades.

Residents have overwhelmingly supported the issues in recent years. In 2017, the last time the issues were on the ballot, each received about 79 percent of the vote.

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