Lexington mayors race 2019

Incumbent Mayor Eugene Parkison (left) and long-time village council member Brian White are vying for the mayor's seat in the Village of Lexington on Nov. 5.

LEXINGTON -- The next mayor of Lexington will not lack experience with the village government.

The Nov. 5, non-partisan race pits longtime incumbent Eugene Parkison against longtime village council member Brian White.

Both men said they are seeking the top slot in order to keep the village growing.

"As you know, we are getting new schools (buildings) and businesses are growing," said White, 526 Cedarwood Drive. "We are nearing (a population of) 5,000, which is the minimum for city status."

Should it reach that limit, White said many changes would be required within Lexington's government and operations.

Parkison, the Lexington mayor for 34 years, estimated 270 new jobs will be coming to the village in the next year, with new or expanding businesses. He said he wants to lead the preparation for an increase in citizens within the village.

Parkison, 74, makes $20,000 annually as mayor, according to village statute.

"There are so many things I want to get done and I want to see them get done," he said. 

Some of Parkison's projects include a traffic study to handle the increased volume of vehicles, and a clean-up of a contamination site on Plymouth Street. He said the site has been contaminated for about 30 years.

He also praised the village police department, saying a recent survey found Lexinton was the 32nd safest village in the United States for a community its size.

Parkison, 65 Otterbein Drive, said he was elected to his office in 1985 after serving on village council for seven years, beginning in 1978.

Parkison said the biggest lesson he's learned is his position is about the village's success, not his.

"I've learned I need to focus on the village's needs and how to mold the relationship between citizens and the council," the mayor said. "We need to focus on keeping property values up and focus on what's best for the citizens."

A retired U.S. Coast Guard commander, White said he has a strong skill set in collaboration.

"I've seen a lot of good that can comes out when we work together," White said. "We (Lexington) need to work with the other municipalities in the area and work on our long-term, 2030 vision together."

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