OLIVESBURG — Four candidates are running for two seats on the Crestview Local Schools Board of Education and each has a defined vision for the district.

Incumbent Lisa Music, former board member Bill Bolin and newcomers Karen Keefer and Jessica Tucker are vying for two seats up for grabs in the November general election.

A Crestview graduate, Music has served on the board for the past eight years. She is the mother of two high school students.

“Our current board works hard to make decisions that maintain academic excellence within the district,” said Music, a registered nurse who has worked at North Central State College since 1995. “Transparency as a board is something we work hard to facilitate.

“Crestview is debt-free, our teachers and staff make competitive wages and our facilities are in great shape. It is very easy to want to continue to be a part of a district that has so many positive things to offer our students and community.”

The 52-year-old Bolin previously served on the Crestview school board for 17 years. A change in work responsibilities has allowed seek re-election.

“I took a job where I was traveling, so I got off the board then,” Bolin said. “Now I’m working close to home, so I’m running again.

“I want to see the board do the best it can to keep our values in place and prepare our students for everything that’s coming at them.”

Both Tucker and Keefer are seeking public office for the first time.

Tucker, 33, attended several school district growing up. She said Crestview stood out among them.

“Even as a child, I recognized something different about Crestview’s level of education. It wasn’t until years later that I realized Crestview provided the best academics of those districts,” Tucker said. “When the time came to start a family and decide which school district my children would attend, I remembered that level of academic excellence.

“I want … to take the good that we have, and make it better. I have four children who will go through this school district, and I have at least sixteen more years to be a part of it. I want the best for my children and yours, and I’m ready to do what it takes to make that happen.”

Keefer says communication is key.

“Listening to parents as our most valued resource is key, I will always give them a platform to be heard,” Keefer said. “Communicating and educating parents on the issues brought before the board is important to me, as well as understanding the decision-making process.

“I champion parental choice, and stand with parents on matters regarding their children as they are the authorities and valued partners in their children’s education.”

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