crime scene tape

SEAMAN, Ohio — The Bureau of Criminal Investigation was called Friday to assist the Adams County Sheriff’s Office and Seaman Police Department with a shooting and homicide investigation, according to Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

The events occurred at the Marathon gas station located in Seaman. The preliminary investigation shows the suspect, Brandon Carter, 44, attempted to abduct a female clerk from the gas station and during the course of the criminal act, a delivery truck driver was shot and killed. The female victim also sustained a gunshot wound from the suspect but remains in stable condition.

The suspect fled the scene and proceeded to conduct a robbery at the 1st Stop Gas Station in Seaman. The suspect fled the scene and was located by law enforcement officers while driving in his vehicle. Law enforcement began pursuing and attempting to stop the suspect.

During the pursuit, authorities say the suspect sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound and crashed the vehicle within Pike County.

In addition, the suspect’s residence was set on fire and after the scene was contained, human remains were located and are pending identification.

There are four crime scenes that have been processed: both gas stations and the residence by BCI, and the vehicular crash/suicide by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is currently investigating the arson and human remains.

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