Shelby Mayor Steve Schag

SHELBY — Mayor Steve Schag officially declared a state of emergency in the city of Shelby on Thursday, mirroring the state of emergencies declared on the state and national level. 

The proclamation addressed many city services that will be changing their policies to reflect the health and safety guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control

Richland Public Health was also notified Thursday of the first COVID-19 positive test result in Richland County. Health department officials are working to identify any close contacts of this resident, who would require testing or monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19.

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Effective immediately, the city of Shelby will no longer shut off water and electrical services as a result of payment delinquency. Citizens will continue to make their payments either online, through the Utility Office drive-through window, or in the drop box. Effective March 19, the Utility Office lobby will be closed to the general public.

Shelby City Council will have its regular meeting on Monday, March 23, but the audience will be limited to 10 people. Moving forward, all future Shelby City Council meetings will be closed to public and instead streamed live on the city's website. Citizens are encouraged to submit public comment by phone, email, or delivered to Shelby City Hall by 3 p.m. the day of the meeting. 

The Shelby Fire Department is closed to the general public. Only full-time fire personnel are permitted in the station. In case of emergency call 911; should you need any other assistance, call 419-342-3166. 

The Shelby Police Department will remain open and fully staffed to respond to emergencies. Should you need to speak to a police officer in person, call 419-347-2242 to schedule an appointment. 

Visitors from the general public to jail inmates at the Shelby Justice Center will be done by video only. Attorneys and clergy should contact the police department if they need to speak to an inmate using an alternate method of contact. 

City Hall will remain open. However, citizens should refrain from coming to City Hall unless absolutely necessary. Citizens are encouraged to conduct business via mail, email or phone.

The Shelby City Income Tax Department will remain open at this time. Residents are encouraged to mail their required forms to the Shelby Income Tax Department. All city employees will be suspending any non-essential purchases.

City parks shall remain open to the public. However, citizens are urged to follow guidelines on large group gatherings. All park bathrooms are to remain closed.

Unless declared an emergency, all council committees and city commission meetings are suspended. Any emergency meetings will be closed to the public. Emergency meetings will be live-streamed on the city's website. Citizens are encouraged to submit any public comment via phone, email, or delivered to Shelby City Hall.

The Shelby Taxi Service is suspended.

These measures will remain until terminated or otherwise modified.