East Knox High School

Howard High School was originally built in 1939 (it became East Knox High School in the 1960s after consolidation with Bladensburg). Since then, the building has undergone renovations on six different occasions.

HOWARD – An East Knox teacher has tested positive for COVID-19, according to a Facebook post made by superintendent Steve Larcomb late Monday night.

Larcomb said in the post that Knox County Health Commissioner Julie Miller informed him Monday evening that an East Knox junior/senior high school teacher had tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

"The teacher was not at school today," Larcomb said.

Miller advised that all East Knox staff and students remain in their homes Tuesday, until further notified.

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"I have an emergency meeting scheduled tomorrow morning with the Knox Public Health team to assess who may have been at risk for exposure and next steps," Larcomb said. "I will let you know more as I know it."

It's unclear whether or not this is Knox County's first confirmed case of COVID-19. The Knox County Health Department did not respond to requests for comment late Monday evening.

This is a developing story.