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Ohio governor Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS -- Ohio governor Mike DeWine announced Monday the formation of new Congregate Care Unified Response Teams to test residents and staff members in Ohio's nursing homes.

"Nursing facilities have been aggressive regarding testing and managing COVID-19 outbreaks on their own, but this effort will provide them with additional resources," DeWine said. "As we continue to ramp up our testing in Ohio, we must deploy our resources in a way that will save the most lives."

Beginning this week, the Congregate Care Unified Response Teams, which will include medically-trained members of the Ohio National Guard, will begin testing residents and staff within nursing homes on two parallel paths:

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All staff in all Ohio nursing facilities will be tested to help nursing home administrators gauge the status of the virus in their facilities and help isolate the virus to stop it from infecting their community.

Testing will be conducted in facilities where residents or workers have confirmed or assumed positive cases. Testing will be conducted on all staff, and the testing of residents will be based on a clinically-driven strategy that targets those who have likely been exposed to COVID-19. By testing residents based on their potential interaction with a confirmed COVID-19 case, the nursing facility will be better equipped to isolate the virus and contain spread within the facility.

In addition, the Congregate Care Unified Response Teams will begin the testing of all residents and staff members in the state’s eight developmental centers to try to limit the spread of COVID-19 in congregate care settings.


There are 33,006 confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in Ohio and 2,002 confirmed and probable COVID-19 deaths. A total of 5,579 people have been hospitalized, including 1,450 admissions to intensive care units. In-depth data can be accessed by visiting coronavirus.ohio.gov.

Video of today's full update, including versions with foreign language translation, can be viewed on the Ohio Channel's YouTube page.

For more information on Ohio's response to COVID-19, visit coronavirus.ohio.gov or call 1-833-4-ASK-ODH.


Richland County has 182 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases with 4 probable cases. There have been 30 hospitalizations, 14 of which spent time in ICU, and three (3) deaths. 122 people on the cumulative list have recovered. Ages range from 1 to 96; median age is 39.

OHIO has 30,827 cumulative positive COVID-19 cases with 2,179 probable cases for 33,006 total cases with 2,002 deaths. There are or have been 5,579 individuals hospitalized in Ohio with 1,450 ICU admissions. Ages range from

U.S. has 1,713,463 COVID-19 cases in all 50 states and 5 jurisdictions with 98,426 deaths.

U.S. has 1,144,639 currently infected persons with 568,824 closed cases (recovered or died).

15,272,266 individuals in the U.S. have been tested for COVID-19, including 330,564 in Ohio.

Global cumulative cases: 5,639,807 cases in 213 countries/regions and 2 cruise ships.

Global deaths: 349,374. There are 2,756,085 closed cases (recovered or died).

Global Active Cases: 2,882,947 currently infected patients, of which 98% are in non-serious condition.


January 21: First case in the United States is reported in Washington state.

March 19: Richland County has its first confirmed case of coronavirus.

March 20: Ohio has its first death due to coronavirus.

March 22: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issues a “Shelter at Home” order.

April 2: Confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide exceed one million cases.

April 8: Richland County has its first death from COVID-19

April 10: Deaths from COVID-19 worldwide exceed 100,000.

April 11: U.S. takes the world lead in COVID-19 cases and deaths.

April 27: Governor Mike DeWine announces plans for gradual reopening of business in Ohio, starting May 1. ODH posts safety protocols for businesses reopening.

May 7: Governor Mike DeWine announces Hair Salons, Nail Parlors and Barbershops can open on May 15 with safety protocols. Bars and Restaurants can open May 15 for outside dining and on May 21 for inside dining with proper distancing (richlandhealth.org“Restart-Ohio”).

May 14: Governor Mike DeWine announces more businesses can begin reopening with safety protocols and on May 26: BMVs, gyms/fitness centers, non-contact sports, pools. Governor warns that the virus is still out there and all Ohioans need to practice safety protocols