Clearfork Campground

Clearfork Campground is closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

MANSFIELD - The City of Mansfield announced Wednesday afternoon the Clear Fork Reservoir campground is closed.

"The city stated it prioritizes the health and safety of our community, the campers, and our employees," the city stated in a press release. "Due to the coronavirus, we are heeding the orders of our national, state, and local health officials.

"We will not be opening the Clear Fork Reservoir Campground until further notice or the Governor lifts his stay-at-home order. This is in response to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) order that all persons stay at home unless engaged in essential work or activity. We will continue to follow the guidance of the ODH and provide updates should this order be extended.

"This decision is not easy but the health of our guests and employees are our top priority. Our buildings are closed to the public at this time."

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The city stated that the trails and public boat launch remain open. Any daily camping reservations during this time have been cancelled. A refund policy for seasonal campers is being developed at this time.

Law enforcement will continue patrol and provide assistance to the public. Clear Fork staff will continue working to provide essential operations of the reservoir.

"We look forward to serving the public once this advisory has been lifted," the statement noted. "Thank you for your continued patience during this trying time."

For any other questions please call the campground manager at 419-884-6277.