The City of Mansfield Municipal Building.

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Municipal Building will re-open to the public on Monday, according to a press release from Public Works Director David Remy.

'In keeping with Gov. DeWine's Responsible RestartOhio guidelines, the building will open under what we are deeming "soft conditions," Remy said.

"While the first floor will remain open for police department contact, for the general public, access to the remainder of the building will be limited to entering the building through the second floor Park Avenue East entrance, commonly referred to as the court entrance," he said.

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Mayor Tim Theaker declared a state of emergency in the city on March 20 and ordered the the city's administration building to be closed on March 23.

Individuals now desiring to visit a department or area other than the court system will be directed, by signage, to take the second floor elevators to the department they seek, according to Remy.

Exit from the building will be via the elevators to the second floor and out the exterior doors just off the elevators to the Park Avenue East parking lot.

"To maintain state guidelines, many employees will continue to work from home or on split shifts so onsite staffing will be minimal. It is strongly suggested that any department you might want to visit should be handled initially by scheduling an appointment," Remy said.

"Employees working in the building will be wearing face coverings when interacting with the public and each other, as well as hand protection. All areas will be regularly sanitized and social distancing will be followed," Remy said.

In order to alleviate social distancing issues, no in-person filing of city income tax forms will take place. All returns will have to be done through the city's website e-file, interactive return or website pay taxes by phone or internet; or, hard copy delivery using the drop box on first floor of the administration building or through the U.S. Postal Service.

The lobby and drive through window at utility collections will also re-open Monday. Social distancing markings will be in place within the lobby. Any customer visiting Utility Collections should use a face covering when using the lobby or if not use the drive through window.

"Mindful of the state's extended stay at home order, the city is making every attempt possible to address public safety issues and yet make public access possible. Remember, 'we are in this together' with the health and safety of all the paramount issue," Remy said.