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Ashland University is located in Ashland, Ohio.

ASHLAND -- Researchers at Ashland University are currently seeking 10 participants for a focus group to discuss messaging regarding the COVID-19 vaccine from government agencies, politicians and other relevant sources.

“We realize that messaging is extremely important in helping to shape attitudes and behavior in public health situations,” stated Professor Chris Mahar. “We hope to better understand how the current messaging has impacted people and also explore the impact of different messages in a focus group setting.”

The study is being conducted by Professor Mahar along with a research team in the College of Business and Economics (COBE).

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“We understand that there are lots of experts that can help make a difference in this type of situation, and creating meaningful and actionable messaging can help the community feel confident in how they can affect positive health outcomes. The business community can work hand in hand with the medical community on projects like this to help better understand how people react to different types of appeals.”

The study is currently in the recruitment phase and is looking for local residents aged 30 to 65 in Ashland and the surrounding areas to participate in an in-person focus group in the next two weeks. The research group is offering monetary compensation and refreshments for approximately 60-90 minutes of the participant’s time.

The focus group will be using social distancing measures and suggest participants bring a mask. For more information about joining this study, please contact Dr. Chris Mahar at