MANSFIELD -- A seventh COVID-19 death has been reported in Richland County, according to Reed Richmond of Richland Public Health.

The 56-year-old man died Tuesday, according to Richmond.

RPH Commissioner Sarah Humphrey said the man had no record of any pre-existing condition and contracted the virus while in a congregate living setting. She said the man tested positive for coronavirus on June 12.

According to the Ohio Dept. of Health, which updates its website daily at 2 p.m., Richland County reported 11 additional positive tests since Tuesday, now at 403.

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It reported two more hospitalizations, raising the total to 60 since the pandemic began in March. It also reported three additional cases in which people have recovered, putting that number at 299.

It was reported on July 13 that an 84-year-old man had become Richland County's sixth COVID-19 death. That individual was first reported as a positive COVID-19 test on May 28 and died on June 24

Those Richland County deaths occurred June 24, June 22, June 2, May 20, April 17 and April 8, according to the ODH website.