Missing couple

MANSFIELD -- Mansfield Police Detectives continue to follow-up leads as they come in but Kyla Hayton and Todd Burkhart remain missing as of late Friday afternoon, according to Mansfield Police Capt. Shari Roberston.

On Thursday night, Mansfield detectives received a tip that Hayton may have been seen at a store in the Columbus area and a security photo from that location of that young woman was obtained. But when detectives contacted a family member who viewed the photo, it was confirmed the individual was not Hayton.

Robertson said police continue to focus their attention to this case and continue to work with other law enforcement agencies in our determination to find the couple.

"The Dayton Police Department has been assisting with the case and has checked various locations in their city in an attempt to locate Ms. Hayton and Mr. Burkhart with negative results," Robertson said. "Future updates and new information will be communicated once we receive them.

"As with any missing persons case, an element of danger exits and until these individuals are found, foul play cannot be ruled out. We continue to look into all possibilities concerning their disappearance and are asking that anyone who may have additional information concerning this case, to please contact Mansfield Police Detective Ronee Swisher at (419) 755-9724 or your local law enforcement agency."

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