Adam Gove

Richland County Engineer Adam Gove meets with county commissioners on Tuesday morning. 

MANSFIELD -- Eighteen residents along seven miles of Bellville-Johnsville and Lexington-Ontario roads must remove right-of-way obstructions before a street resurfacing project later this year.

That was the message Tuesday from Richland County Engineer Adam Gove, who met with county commissioners to discuss a project that will be 80 percent funded by the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The project, estimated at about $900,000, will be bid in July and the work will be done late summer or early fall, Gove said.

Another 14 residents must obtain revocable use permits which will allow obstructions to remain, providing they do not pose a hazard to motorists, according to Gove.

"Anytime we have federal grant money involved, ODOT requires the right-of-way to be free of major obstructions," Gove said, adding letters have been sent to affected property owners.

The engineer said some property owners have complied and have already removed items such as stones, timber and fences.

With commissioners' approval, a second round of letters will be sent. After that, the engineer's office has the right to remove the obstructions.

Gove said the county has the right to assess the property owner for the costs of the work if his office has to move the obstruction, but he said there are no plans to do so.

Gove said the revocable use permits typically cover fences, signs and mailboxes, "items that easy to move if needed."

Addresses for those who must remove obstructions are located at:

-- 4990 Algire Road.

-- 2800, 2707, 2520, 2345 and 2481 Bellville-Johnsville Road.

-- 1459, 1235, 1025, 777, 776, 579, 474, 972, 990, 1014, 1459 and 1800 Lexington-Ontario Road.

Addresses that required a revocable use permit are located at:

-- 3100, 2900, 2970, 2800, 2707, 2520 and 2481 Bellville-Johnsville Road.

-- 1175, 611, 460 and 1516 Lexington-Ontario Road.

-- Perry Township Cemetery fence on Bellville-Johnsville Road.

-- Clearfork Reservoir post on Lexington-Ontario Road.

-- a post at Lakeside Drive and Bell Road along Lexington-Ontario Road.

Also on Tuesday, commissioners approved the hiring of John Hamilton as a part-time deputy dog warden at $15 per hour for 20 to 25 hours per week.

With the hire, county Dog Warden Missy Houghton will be at full staff when her full-time deputy returns from military duty in July.

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