A large, white goat with horns was found in the bathroom of the Keathley's residence Friday, Oct. 4.

SULLIVAN TOWNSHIP -- The Keathley family had a "Bah"-zarre start to their weekend on Friday, Oct. 4.

"My son got home about 2:30 (p.m.) from school and saw that the screen door was busted," said Jennifer Keathley, who lives in the 560 block of Township Road 150. 

She said her son was nervous and worried they'd been burgled or that someone had broken into their home. 

"My son went in, and found a goat in the bathroom," she said, laughing. "There's security video of him walking into the house, then running out when he found the goat."

The Ashland County Sheriff's Office described the intruder as a big white goat with horns.

Once inside the home, Keathley said the goat, who is in its rut or mating season, urinated in multiple spots.

"Our house smells like a goat farm now," she said. "It's so disgusting. I've learned quite a lot about goats the past few days."

The Sherrif's Office sent the male goat to the humane society. According to the incident report, the owner of the animal is unknown.

"It was ridiculous," she said. "But what else can you do but laugh?"

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