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MANSFIELD ─ The festive vibe will return to the Woodland community this month.

The Woodland Club, which opened on Memorial Day for the season, is going to host the Woodland Jamboree on June 13. The event starts at 1 p.m. at Keni Field next to the club at 651 Andover Road and is open to the public.

Scott Baltzell, the club’s board member, said it is a family-friendly event that offers food and several activities. People can try bubble soccer and Gelly Wars, a game similar to paintball.

Baltzell said an obstacle course will be set up for the game. The Gelly Balls are non-toxic and don’t hurt when getting to children. Also, giant inflatables will be available for youngsters to bounce around and have fun.

The admission is $20 for each person. Baltzell said it includes an opportunity for nonmembers to try out the pool at the club on the same day.

When the Woodland Lawn Fete was terminated a few years ago, it ended some festive nature in the neighborhood, Baltzell said. The club has been looking for ways to bring back that type of popular event to mark the beginning of summer and connect the community with the organization.

The Woodland Club clay tennis courts

The Woodland Club recently finished upgrading its clay tennis courts.

Last month, The Woodland Club finished remodeling its three clay tennis courts that can also serve as pickleball courts. Baltzell said a new irrigation system was installed and new clay was put down. The courts are safer to play on and better for the players’ joints.

The club heavily depends on membership for funding and runs on a tight budget, Baltzell said. Many improvement projects rely on member volunteers who are plumbers, electricians, or those with knowledge of maintenance.

As part of the neighborhood for more than 70 years, the club now has members from all over Richland County.

“They purchase a membership to the club. They become an owner in the club, and then they are the ones that help sustain the club to go forward,” Baltzell said.

The community pool welcomed more new members than it lost amid the pandemic last year. Baltzell said it was because people could not travel and there were not many places to go in the area.

The board member said the club went to great lengths to make sure that people followed the COVID-19 health orders. It spread the guests as “quaranteams”─ people from the same household could take the group seats and be distanced from others simultaneously.

Baltzell said the distance between seats remains while the orders have been lifted. The staff keep conducting extra cleaning and disinfecting the chairs.

The Woodland Club will open daily through Labor Day. The hours are noon to 8 p.m. from Sunday through Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, the club stays open until 9 p.m. More information could be found on its website or Facebook page.

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