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After throwing an astonishing and exquisite reception in August 2018, Julie Davis and Mark Shulko were sold on the Westbrook Country Club and decided to become social members of the club. 

On May 25, 2018, Julie Davis and Mark Shulko promised themselves to each other for the rest of their lives. Rather than have a wedding reception right away, they went straight on their honeymoon in Africa. When they came back, they knew they wanted to do something special with their family and friends. 

They didn’t really have a plan, but at such short notice and with a lot of venues already booked, they were in a tight bind. Luckily, multiple friends of theirs presented them with the idea of the perfect venue for them that just so happened to have a spot open for their reception—Westbrook Country Club. 

“It was Labor Day weekend, but they did have an opening for us, and thank goodness they did because we absolutely love it there,” Davis said. “We love the staff, so it opened doors for us, which is a wonderful thing.” 

Having already heard remarkable things about the club, Davis and Shulko knew they would be in good hands, however they never expected to grow so attached to the club as they did.  

After throwing an astonishing and exquisite reception in August 2018, Davis and Shulko were sold on the Westbrook Country Club and decided to become social members of the club in order to use all of their social amenities. 

The social membership at Westbrook Country Club is a full family membership, including privileges to the pool, first class dining, social events, access to the Donald Ross golf course, an indoor golf simulator and a junior golf program.

Davis and Shulko have taken the most advantage out of the first class dining. If desired, all menu items are also available for curbside pickup.

“The chef does a wonderful job with the food. I’ve never had a bad meal ever,” Shulko complimented. 

Mike Chambers, also became a member once his daughter Julie held her wedding there. The amazing venue and excellent service and staff won him and his wife over. Along with the first class dining, he believes the pool is one of the club’s biggest draws. 

“There aren't really that many great pools around here, so I know Westbrook Country Club likes to pride itself on having one of the best pools, and I know that they're going to be upgrading it even more. We’re excited for that,” Chambers said, referring to the Westbrook Rising Project. 

After raising $2.9 million, the Westbrook Country Club will be able to successfully manage a list of projects to improve the site including: a new poolscape on the east side of the building, room renovations inside the clubhouse and expanded landscaped parking area. 

Shulko and Davis are excited for the future of the Westbrook Country Club and the opportunities it will offer to not only them, but to the rest of the Richland County community as well. 

“The basic membership of the club shows acceptance to new members and social members,” Shulko said. “You don't have to be a full fledged member to go out there and socialize and have a good time and meet people.”

Interested in membership or learning more about Westbrook Country Club’s initiatives? Check out their website or call (419) 747-1556 for more information.

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