Truckin Trav

Travis Moore brings his food business, Truckin Trav, back to the Mansfield area.

From his formal culinary education to his firsthand experience working with several skilled  sous chefs in Las Vegas, Travis Moore, owner and operator of Truckin Trav Food Truck, had learned a lot of valuable information about running a successful kitchen in a variety of traditional and non-traditional settings before ever hitting the streets.

The distinctive food truck featuring a logo of a giant head and equally distinctive menu, all  created by Moore, can be easily spotted at various venues and events in and around Richland County.

Truckin' Trav food truck

The new and improved Truckin Trav food truck.

Truckin Trav food

Moore serves up fresh burgers made from scratch and fries that have been freshly cut. 


Late night Truckin Trav