Pam Siegenthaler

Pam Siegenthaler received the JoAnn Dutton Volunteer Community Service Award at the Richland County Foundation Women's Fund luncheon on Wednesday.

MANSFIELD -- For years, Pam Siegenthaler served at the helm of the Richland County Foundation. Things came full circle Wednesday, when members of the foundation’s Women’s Fund presented her with the JoAnn Dutton Volunteer Community Service Award.

Named for JoAnn Dutton, former executive of the Mansfield YWCA, the award "celebrates and honors women leaders who devote a significant amount of time and energy in a meaningful way to local charitable organizations."

“(Siegenthaler) has made an incredible impact on her community through her philanthropic spirit, which has been the cornerstone of her life,” said Dutton’s daughter Catherine Goldman, who presented the award. “Her professional and volunteer resume is nothing short of inspiring.”

Pam Siegenthaler and Catherine Goldman

Pam Siegenthaler (right) with Catherine Goldman, daughter of JoAnn Dutton.

During her time as president of the Richland County Foundation, Siegenthaler led initiatives including the Women’s Fund, Summertime Kids, the Teacher Assistance Program and Connections. She retired in 2010 after 16 years, but her community involvement extends much further.

Siegenthaler is currently an active member of the Richland County Children’s Services board of trustees, where she chairs the Third Street Family Health Services board of trustees. She also remains a part of Rotary International of Mansfield, Altrusa and the Downtown Beautification Committee. Her involvement in the latter was integral to adorning Mansfield’s business district with flowers.

In addition, she spent nine years as an advisory board member at the Ohio State University Mansfield and more than a decade as a literacy mentor at both Prospect and Hedges Elementary schools. She also served on the Mansfield City School board of education.

"I think she really sets the standard for volunteerism," said Brady Groves, president of the Richland County Foundation. "The breadth of her work and for as long as she's done it, it's truly amazing."

Groves pointed out that Siegenthaler has approached community work from all angles--leading boards and spurring grassroots work.

Siegenthaler beamed as she stepped forward to accept the award.

“It’s an honor because JoAnn was a good friend of mine and a mentor for me,” she said. “To have an honor in her name means an awful lot.”

Siegenthaler encouraged other aspiring leaders to find mentors and others they can collaborate with to make a difference.

“It’s good to find people that have similar interests and … that have done things that you admire or you want to emulate and be willing to work together,” she stated.

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