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ASHLAND -- Actress Claire Slemmer returned to Ashland’s Main Street roughly 25 years after filming her scenes for Shawshank Redemption to sign autographs and take photos with fans on Friday.

Slemmer took the role of a bank teller at Maine National Bank.  The movie set was located at 19 W. Main St. where Crosby Advisory Group is now located.

Gussied up with the same dress and hair as her character, Slemmer welcomed conversation from fans who were lined up eagerly awaiting to introduce themselves. She even took the time to exchange scene lines with a few extra-dedicated fanatics.

“(This area) has definitely become more sophisticated,” Slemmer said. “Being back, there definitely is a lot of nostalgia. 

“I’m surprised to see there is still that the teller counter and the desk is still in front of the vault.”

Actor Tim Robbins, who played Andy Dufresne, was also on the set the same day Slemmer shot her scenes. She told the story about her first encounter with the movie star.

“The first time I met Tim Robbins was in the makeup trailer,” Slemmer said. “He was very tall and walked in wearing sunglasses.” 

“He was so beautiful! He was very playful; he joked around and seemed very youthful, but once he got onto the set, he was all business and was in character the whole time.”

Tim Robbins and Slemmer actually share a birthday and are exactly a decade apart.

Slemmer’s husband Ed Smith commented on why they continue to go to events such as this.

“It’s the fans that really draw us,” he said. “It’s fun going out and meeting them and hearing their stories.

“We absolutely love it.”

Crosby Advisory Group isn’t the only business in downtown Ashland to host a movie scene from Shawshank Redemption. Revivals 2 Thrift Store on Orange Street was once the set of Trailways Bus Station, which featured a scene with actor Morgan Freeman.

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