Nicole Brown-Horston

Nicole Brown-Horston

MANSFIELD -- Nicole Brown-Horston is the keynote speaker for Monday's, June 10 African American Leadership Institute Luncheon from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the North End Community Improvement Collaborative, 134 N. Main Street, Mansfield.

Seats are limited to 25 participants. Registration is available at

Horston will share her book, Shades of You and how PTSD (Problems and Trials led to her Self-Discovery). She will also share her method SOAR and how it became a Movement to help others, give them hope, and support them in healing areas of their lives.

As a result of her struggle, Horston has learned to embrace her reality and the subtleties of life. Additionally, coming face-to-face with a career coming to an end, the feeling that her life was over, and wrestling with the attitude, “Where do I start from here?” fuels her desire to support and further those who have suffered a similar plight.

As she journeys onward, Horston created the Shades of You Series to offer a nonjudgmental platform that will enlighten and empower individuals who feel as if life has dealt them a deadly blow, but they possess the desire to heal themselves and rise better than ever -- lifting others as she climbs.

In 2016, Horston completed John’s Maxwell 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, a course designed to train 21st Century Leaders to add value to the lives of others. As a lover of people, Horston has dedicated her time, talent, and treasure to upset the status quo. She puts her words into action by volunteering within her community and abroad to causes that are dear to her heart.

In 2018, she created two signature programs, "Beautiful Me" and Destined4Greatness, mentoring programs geared toward middle school students.

Nicole currently serves as the CEO of Nstep Promotions and the Founder of SOARING with Help, Hope, and Healing Conferences, where her mission is to eradicate barriers that impact women and children. She recently received two nominations for the Community Service Award and Author of the Year for the 2019 Kingdom Image Awards in Columbus.

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