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MANSFIELD -- The clouds and rain that have plagued north central Ohio for the past month cleared the skies for the fourth annual Rock ‘N’ Roll Car Festival on Saturday in downtown Mansfield. Patrons showcased their treasured vehicles reigning from the 1920’s to the present day.

Spectators meandered down the roadway; rekindling old memories brought back to life by the sight of a familiar car or truck.

Vehicle owners were happy to entertain an interested party with information or tales of times spent behind-the-wheel. It was a common sight to see them pull a rag out of their pocket and re-polish their trophy in between visits.

Bands, including the Sobos (a classic rock band hailing from the Wooster area), entertained the audience with covers of classic hits from Rock 'N' Roll music legends.

The superb conditions allowed the sunlight to gleam off of the freshly pampered automobiles. Vehicles captured a moment in time; turning what was once a piece of machinery into a modern day work-of-art. 

“It takes a lot of time and effort to keep this looking the way it does,” said Mansfield owner Bob Scott, displaying his antique Chevrolet. “It’s an every-day obligation, really.

“I have a special connection to this car. I really can’t explain it.”