MANSFIELD -- It's not news that I love the Mansfield music scene or that I'm happiest when I get to cover a show.

Last year, I went to INKcarceration, my first music festival for Richland Source. It was a new experience as I didn't grow up listening to the headliners, I don't have -- or really have plans to acquire -- tattoos, and Shawshank played a very small role in my childhood.

But from the moment I was there to the moment I left, I felt this new rush of blood. Standing so close to bands I could feel the sound waves pounding my chest as I lifted my lens. It really gave me a new sense of adrenaline.

There's truly an unreal feeling when a frontman sings a hit song while making a face at your camera. It's a moment you get to hold -- just you and the world seen through a pin-sized hole -- a moment frozen in time.

Noah Jones on guitar

Noah Jones and his band The American Collective, is shown here playing guitar at Element of Art during a recent Downtown Mansfield Shop Hop event.

During a recent interview with Dan Smith, Associate Director of the Ohio State Reformatory, he asked me what I was looking forward to most about the show.

Without question, I'm looking forward to having another moment with a frontman or lead guitarist and feeling their energy.

The festival, which runs this weekend at the Reformatory, will host 30 bands with Shinedown headlining Friday, Godsmack headlining Saturday and Five Finger Death Punch headlining Sunday.

"We are very grateful to get to share the stage with so many fantastic bands. We are really looking forward to this one for quite some time," said the Everyday Losers, who will play on the the second stage Friday at 4:15 to 4:45 p.m. "We have been on festivals before, but on this one, we will get to see some old friends from bands we have toured/performed with. We hope to meet some new people and make new connections as well.

"Performing is what we enjoy most as a band, so we are happy to bring our show to Inkcarceration Festival. It is great to see hard rock coming together like this."

Inside the Reformatory will be 70 of the best tattoo artists from around the world ready to compete and create new ink art.

Last year, nearly 18,000 people came out to the hard rock festival.

"Having something new like that here, that made everyone really excited and come out and enjoy it," Smith said.

To me, this festival is a reminder that there is life and there is culture in Mansfield and I am so excited to see the show this weekend.

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Noah Jones is host to The Open Mic Podcast -- available on Apple Podcasts! He is the crime, education and music reporter for Richland Source. He is a native of St. Louis, Missouri and a giant Cardinals fan.