The Trio two

The Trio will host their Two album release show at IdeaWorks on December 6th. Doors are at 6:30pm and the show is at 7:00pm. Presale Tickets are $10 dollars and are $12 at the door.

MANSFIELD -- It's been a while, but The TR!O is back for round two.

The group's latest album, Two, is a unique blend of hip/hop and electro-jazz. It was released online on Nov. 27.

They will have an album release show, Friday, Dec. 6. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show is at 7 p.m. Presale Tickets are $10 and are $12 at the door. The venue is located at 40 W. Fourth Street in Mansfield.

"It’s been a very supportive response so far -- especially online," said Kid Kulture, who raps on the album. "As far as reposting and folks letting us know how much they enjoyed it."

The TR!o -- now performing with five members on the stage -- are all all siblings.

The original three, Ariane Hill, who plays flute/accordion, Andrew Hill who plays electronic wind instrument/saxophone and Aaron Hill, who plays drums and does programming, will be joined by Alan Hill (Kid Kulture) and their youngest sibling Aiden Hill, who plays trumpet.

So far, the quintet has seen nothing but love and support for their latest, 9-track project.

Their first record, HYPE(2016), was a mixed bag of sampled music constructed around their electro-jazz style of music.

Because the group didn't own the rights to many of the samples embedded in their music, they couldn't publish their music out to the world in the way they are with Two.

Now, with all original music, the TR!O has had a full roll-out of its new project. 

The group published the single "Get The Bag" to all platforms. The song notes how they see other artists producing music just to have something current. But the local group wants to continue focusing on what it finds fulfilling instead of just publishing music just to have something new, they said when the song came out on Dec. 21, 2018.

The TR!O siblings spent four years creating a second record. They played together in their parents' home focusing on their new sound.

"We felt really good with this song," Aaron said on The Open Mic Podcast. "On 'Get The Bag,' we felt like we had found our new sound."

The group released a full-production music video on Nov. 8 of the song "Hit the Ground Running."

The video, Kid Kulture said, revolves the idea that the group will do things their way and not how record labels or outsiders wish.

"Just not being in the (industry standard) box. And that includes the way we sound and the way we promote," Kid Kulture said. "We don’t want to sign any crazy deals like the one in the video -- we want things to feel organic."

On Friday Dec. 6, the Madison alumni musicians will have their new vibes on display.

"We are definitely looking forward to fully explaining some of the meanings of the songs," Kid Kulture said.

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