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Steadyfire band members, Jade Marié, Gavin McIntire and Garrett Pavlansky and Nick Billinghurst pose for an artistic band photo. The band will play a show on Oct. 20 at 9 p.m. at The Cove in Perrysville.

MANSFIELD -- After years of cryptic secrecy, Steadyfire's front man, Gavin McIntire is ready to open up -- but just a little.

McIntire, a 2018 Loudonville High School graduate, began his band in 2014 and debuted the first EP 'Different' in 2015. The band has played venues such as the Cleveland Agora (four times), the Grog Shop, the Alrosa Villa, the Odeon, and have been featured in five music festivals.

The band's roster consists of mid-Ohio natives: McIntire, a 19-year-old who plays guitar and is lead vocals, Garrett Pavlansky who plays bass, and Nick Billinghurst on drums. Recently they've added Jade Marié who will play synth.

Steadyfire is considered one of the biggest names in Ohio's indie rock underground scene by multiple music news outlets.

"It's a quote that was used by some of the local papers," McIntire said on Richland Source's, The Open Mic Podcast. "Then they started using it in the UK (United Kingdom on a radio station). Then we're at Cleveland shows and they started announcing us like that. When you start playing festivals like Rover Fest and being put on (radio stations) it's weird because what does it even mean?

"I think we're actually better known in Cleveland than we are here."

What does it mean to have people know your name in foreign countries, but not your hometown-area?

It means you need to play a big show in your backyard, which Steadyfire will do on Oct. 20.

The show will be held at The Cove, 124 Bridge Street in Perrysville. The show will will begin at 9 p.m. where Steadyfire will perform its entire discography.

The band will go into a bit of a hiatus, post show, so Billinghurst can have surgery on his left leg, after a car accident where his left-leg was pinned between his vehicle and a driver backing out of his car.

The show will highlight their newest song, 'Even If We're The Same,' a song about how hard it can be to look up to people and realize they are not who you thought they were, McIntire said.

"There's a line in the first verse saying, 'every idol I've had is dead, drunk or maddened.' I know exactly who I'm talking about in the light of that specifically who's disappointed me. And there's a lot to be said about wanting to be like the generation before you and the status quo of people becoming what they hate. There's a lot of that on the album overall."

The single will be released for purchase and on music streaming services that day as well. The single will be featured on their first full-length album, 'How Often Have I Been This Wrong?' set for release Jan. 4, 2019.

Since its beginning, Steadyfire likes to keep information tight. Most information is sent out via their Twitter and other social media platforms including  backwards music videos using Russian flight footage over audio.

"Up until our last single, I did not even tell people what the lyrics of our songs were," McIntire said. "I try not to explain this stuff because I want it all to connect. When I write an album, it being cohesive  is really important to me. I try to make songs good enough to be heard on their own, but I want there to be a reason to listen to it all (the album)."

The band said it worked hard in releasing 'How Often Have I Been This Wrong?'

"We took our time on it," Pavalansky said. "We wanted to get everything to the point where we wanted it to be, but we marathon-recorded it."

The full album will have songs previously written by a younger McIntire, who said he introduced them to his band by playing a recording on his phone.

"I played it (a song) on my phone one time, and then we recorded it," the frontman said. "I'm a very lucky person that I have ended up with such incredible musicians — all of them are better than me."

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