Moon Cleavage

The Moon Cleavage Line up. The show will start at 8 p.m. at La Luna at 32 North Walnut Walnut Street. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show will start at 8:00pm. There is a $5 cover which will be distributed to the artists.

MANSFIELD -- The women of the Mansfield art scene and their work will be showcased in Moon Cleavage III on March 8 at La Luna Art Gallery, 32 N. Walnut St.

La Luna is hosting its third installment of the Moon Cleavage music series to commemorate International Women’s Day.

This event was created in 2018 to highlight local women musicians, artists, and poets who oftentimes get overshadowed by men in the creative community, said said Aurelio Villa Luna Diaz, owner of La Luna.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show will start at 8 p.m. There is a $5 cover which will be evenly distributed to all women participating in the show.

“As more and more musicians, poets, and artists surfaced in Mansfield there was a noticeable absence of women being included," Diaz said. “Our first and second Moon Cleavage shows actually became a platform for a lot of first-time performers who are now actively sharing their music. 

There were many factors behind that but mostly it just seemed that women weren’t being asked. We decided to change that.” 

Among those musicians are Jillian Caudill, Rust Pelts, and Ireland.

In addition to music, many women photographers and poets participated in past shows. Moon Cleavage III will feature music from Allicat, Jillian Caudill, Maggie Allred, and the debut of the punk band Gutter Catz. Poets will include Allison Bolen, Alison Rae Bach, Andi Shifley, Llalan Fowler, Cindy Fowler, Kathy Goodwin, and Mattie Lunceford.

"Moon Cleavage is always an enlightenment to be a part of. It’s about celebrating women and showing power within the community. I was so ecstatic when I was asked to come back," said Mattie Lunceford, who is participating in the event for the second time. "La Luna is always a good time and I’m very grateful to have a community where we show support for everybody and La Luna helps so much with giving that support."

Allicat, a local rapper, said she was excited to share the stage with all women.

"I’m grateful to join such a powerful host of local female talent from all walks of art and life," she said via text message. "DEFINITELY looking forward to this event!!! GIRL POWER!!!"

Diaz hosts shows year-round showcasing minorities in the city.

“As with all of the shows that we host at La Luna the goal is to create an environment for everyone. Seeing new people come forth to share their talent on the same stage as people who are seasoned artists is a beautiful concept that we revisit time and time again,“ Diaz said.

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