A scene taken inside during the Metronome Music Fest.

MANSFIELD -- The annual Metronome Music Festival returns June 8 with local music in an all-day event.

The free show will take place in the Brickyard in downtown Mansfield from 1 to 11 p.m.

"It's our annual charity music festival to raise money for our Metronome Music Scholarship, which pays for instructors to teach lessons to those who can't afford the lessons," said Nate Wieland, a sales associate at Metronome.

Lessons are usually $20 per half-hour lesson, he said.

"The scholarship fund pays (instructors). Normally when you pay for a lesson, most of it goes to (the instructor), but a little bit of it goes towards Metronome (for) facilitating the lessons. The scholarship fund pays them (and nixes the facilitation fee)," Wieland said. "It's super important that we do this because there are tons of kids out there especially in the Mansfield-area who are musically inclined and drawn to it, but money is an issue.

"This helps fix that for them," Wieland said.

While the festival is free to attend, money spent on concessions and games go toward the scholarships.

The music will be provided by numerous local bands including, The Getaway Band, Frank Boyd Jr., Let Them Hear, PRC, Chief and The Tribe and others.

"I'd like to think it helps the world at large -- showing how to help your friends and neighbors, but I also think it shows a great shining beacon for Mansfield showing how we can come together for a great cause," he said.

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