MANSFIELD -- It has been an absolute luxury to spend my past three summers planning parties, highlighting local musicians and working with vendors to provide free food and free beer.

It's the thought of this Friday being the final Newsroom After Hours of the year that is bitter sweet. The seven shows we threw on the the third Friday of each month from April to October have brought not only new people into our newsroom to listen to various genres of music and enjoy one another. But it's allowed, for me, at least, to remember over and over again how blessed I've been to be able to throw shows as part of my job.

It's a job I take very seriously -- until this Friday that is.

If you don't like local young adults jumping up and down (and into each other), rocking out and enjoying themselves -- don't come because on Friday, much like Queen, Newsroom After Hours' Hardcore Halloween in the Idea Works Garage will rock you.

Hardcore Halloween will bring together the GutterCatz and Divebomb. Immediately following these acts, Kid Kulture will make a reappearance to perform DJ set.

Free beers from Warehouse Tavern and free food from Doc's Deli will also be available.

“Divebomb is excited to play the Halloween party of the year!" said Jake Henry, front man for Divebomb. "See you kool katz and spooky ghouls on Friday!”

The garage door will be lifted at 6:30 p.m. Guests are expected to arrive in costume.

If you can't make it to the show, fear not. After Hours will be back next year thanks to our sponsor, Mechanics Bank.

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