The Richland B&O bike trail

A lone citizen walks toward Millsboro Road on the Richland B&O Bike Trail.

MANSFIELD -- Additional surface work is targeted, weather permitting, to work on the B&O Trail, which will result in closure of some sections.

As was previously announced, Marion Avenue to Deer Park will be closed on Tuesday, Sept. 3 and Wednesday, Sept. 4.

In Lexington, on Wednesday, Sept. 4, work will occur behind Heartland Church. Riders should be able to reroute via the parking lot.

On Thursday, Sept. 5, construction will start near the washroom Pavilion by the parks. Riders should be able to ride around the impacted area using the parking lot.

On Friday, Sept. 6, work will be completed just north of the recycling station. Riders should be able to ride in the grass to the east of the Trail.

In Butler, on Monday, Sept. 8, and Tuesday, Sept. 9, road work will necessitate closing the Trail from Traxler Rd north to SR 97

Updates will be posted on the Richland County Park District Facebook page if there are last-minute changes. Riders are encouraged to check Facebook the day of their Ride for current schedule. If you have any questions call 419-884-FROG.

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