Jon and Pam Bautz

Jon and Pam Bautz, Mansfield residents, and their “ flathead couples night,” June 5, 2021.

Caught within minutes of each other on the Black Fork River. Jon’s flathead was the ‘Daddy’ at 35.5 inches ... making it in Fish Ohio. It weighed 18.11 lbs. Pam’s flathead was a hearty 29.5 inches and 11.10 lb Momma!

By day, Jon is a career electrician with Carter Electric in Galion. On his own time, he is a catfish enthusiast, but only in recent years. After a fishing trip with Pam in the bayous of her home state, Louisiana, Jon caught the catfish fever and has since been fishing for big ones, specifically flatheads and big blues.

Pam, coming from the Bayous, loves being on the water whether she catches a fish or not. She is guilty of talking Jon into day trip adventures that take them off the beaten path. When she is not doing either, she enjoys biking, skating and cooking. Pam runs the Mansfield Cemetery.

I was often the student staring out the window on a sunny day counting the clicks of the clock on the wall that would eventually ring and let me outside. Even in college, a beam of sunlight could put a kink in my attention receptacles almost immediately.

Truth be told, I am still that way. Especially in the last days of March, when the temps become more bearable and the daylight hours linger longer, I become anxious to be out doing something. I am not particular to one outdoor activity or sport, though at different points in life I have been an avid cyclist and fisherman. So, that “something,” on most days, can be anything, as long as it is outside.