OSU Mansfield Freshman

From left to right, freshman Rochelle Brown, 19, and freshman Tara Renken, 18, fill out a ticket to win a movie pass at booth during the Community and Involvement fair at the Ohio State-Mansfield, Wednesday.

ONTARIO -- Students were surrounded by local communities, prospective extracurricular activities and majors available at Mansfield's branch of The Ohio State University, Wednesday.

"Today is the community and involvement fair, an opportunity for all of our organizations and places in the community to show what Richland County, Mansfield and the surrounding area has to offer," said Kidron Stamper, an OSU student working with engagement and athletics on the campus. "The most important thing is getting students plugged in somewhere."

The event was held on the second day of classes. More than 90 booths consisting of churches, athletic clubs, restaurants and on and off campus organizations were highlighted at the event, hoping to lure the interests of students.

Kyle Price, of Bellville, happened upon the fair with a friend after a class.

"We just got out of class and we just happened here," the third-year student said. "I think this is really important. Even if you don't come to these (organizations) actively, it's important for communities to have these -- especially for people like me who accidentally come here."

Jersey Heffley, a freshman, said she was excited to see so many options for her to do around campus.

"There's actually a lot of people from campus here today and it's important for those who aren't from Mansfield to feel welcomed," Heffley said. "Seeing all of these clubs is really exciting to see here."

Heffley, a Mansfield native, added that seeing all of the booths helped her feel more at home.

"It can feel lonely," she said. "So definitely on the second day of school, having a huge community fair is really important because it shows there's more you can do than just go to class." 

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