‘Tis the season of Halloween, the scariest and spookiest season of all.

On Oct. 31, millions of ghosts and ghouls will descend on our streets and neighborhoods, preying on households who are rich in candy and greeting residents with the scariest costumes and outfits imaginable. As kids, adults and even pets alike dress for the occasion, we can expect our evening to be filled with terrifying encounters with the paranormal and supernatural.

On this, the evillest of nights it may not be only our streets that will be filled with the mystic and unexplained.

Trick and treaters may want to look a little further north this Halloween and take a glance into the night sky above their heads.

UFO graphics

In 2019 alone there have been a staggering 58,551 UFO sightings.

Since 1998 California has been victim to 13,767 UFO encounters crowning it the most haunted area of United States. Ohio took the 9th spot at 3,665 sightings.

Columbus reported the most other-worldly sightings at 232. Cincinnati was second at 141, while Cleveland rated third at 98. Mansfield ranked 13th with 29 sightings.

Ohio data

Aliens, however, appear to be picky about their tourist/holiday destinations only appearing in the skies above certain cities.

To celebrate Halloween on the 31st October thortful analysed data from the National UFO Reporting Centre, revealing the UFO hotspots of the US. Data was analysed from the years 1998 - 2019.

But what happens if it’s not? What happens if these sightings are our alien brothers and sisters? Even worse what happens if these aliens want to finally make contact?

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