2019 Miss Ohio princesses.

The 2019 Miss Ohio Princesses pose for a photo. They said "Garlic bread" instead of "cheese."

MANSFIELD -- Thirteen Miss Ohio Princesses are rapt students at this week's Miss Ohio competition in Mansfield.

The girls, ages 6 to 11, are also part of the show. The princesses were in the parade last weekend and then participated in the fashion show at the Richland Mall Shopping Center.

"It's kind of a feeder system," said Joyce Wells, princess coordinator. "It goes from here to Miss Outstanding teen (ages 13 to 18) then to Miss Ohio.

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"It teaches them stage presence -- they have to introduce themselves, they have a stage question -- they have to walk in evening wear and learn two dances."

Some of the princesses have been in the program for three to five years. The girls, who spend all week in Mansfield just like the Miss Ohio candidates, have a relatively grueling week, Wells said.

"The really follow the big girls around and do everything they do at a smaller, lower level," Wells said. "Plus they enjoy watching them on big theater stage (Renaissance Theatre.) It's a lot of fun for them."

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