Cottonwood Aspen

This Cottonwood Aspen was nominated and is owned by Mrs. Patricia Massa.

MANSFIELD – Mayor Tim Theaker is pleased to announce the City of Mansfield Shade Tree Commission has designated two trees for Heritage Tree Status.

The City of Mansfield Heritage Tree Program, launched in 2019, is based upon the “National Big Trees” program recognizing Heritage Trees of each species within the City of Mansfield Corporation limits.

The city received 10 nominations, which were initially visited by the Shade Tree Commission and then forwarded onto a volunteer who utilizing a “Biltmore stick,” provided accurate measurements and a thorough evaluation of the tree which was nominated. The Commission members at their June 2020 meeting approved the trees to be officially recorded as Heritage Trees and will make bi-annual awards.

Red Oak

This Red Oak is owned by Mrs. Martha Montague.

The first two trees designated as Heritage Trees are:

Red Oak, nominated and owned by Mrs. Martha Montague and; Cottonwood (Aspen), nominated and owned by Mrs. Patricia Massa. They will be recorded in the newly created Tree Heritage Official Registry which will be maintained by the City of Mansfield Shade Tree Commission, and listed on the website and social media pages.

The Red Oak and Cottonwood not only meet the criteria for the Heritage Tree Program, but also truly exemplify the purpose of the program of recognizing the significance of trees and preservation and care of heritage trees in our community.

The city of Mansfield Shade Tree Commission invites you to congratulate Mrs. Montague and Mrs. Massa, and join them in helping preserve our Urban Forest by finding champion trees of all species in our city and sending in your nomination. The criteria and nomination form can be found at:

For more information on the Heritage Tree Program or questions call: 419-755-9702 or email

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