Kate Liston 103 years old

Kate Liston turns 103 Thursday, July 4. Liston, who lives with her son James Liston remains active participating in day trips with her son and bingo three days a week.

MANSFIELD -- Kate Liston is celebrating her 103rd birthday with the United States. She is an Independence Day baby.

Kate and her son, James Liston, 74, both of Mansfield, do their best being active.

"I like to keep her legs moving," James said. "Other people her age usually don't walk."

Liston, among the oldest women in the state of Ohio, was born in 1916 and has lived in Mansfield all her life, James said. She doesn't talk much, but still tries to stay active, and can walk with the assistance of her son.

Her lifetime has encompassed two world wars, a lunar landing, Pearl Harbor and 9/11, the rise of radio, TV, the internet and a myriad of medical and technological breakthroughs.

100 years old Kate Liston

A poster made for her 100th birthday, shows photos of her life time. She was born in 1916.

Keep in mind, the world in 1916 looked like this:

World War I was raging and the U.S. would soon be involved.

Women were not yet allowed to vote.

Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States.

Babe Ruth was playing for the Boston Red Sox.

Wrigley Field opens in Chicago, still home of the Cubs.

Coca-Cola brought its formula to the market.

John D. Rockefeller became the world's first billionaire.

Mexican General Pancho Villa invaded the U.S. in Columbus, New Mexico.

Charlie Chaplin was a young silent film pioneer.

Along with Kate Liston, these people were all born: Kirk Douglas, Beverly Cleary, Olivia de Haviland, Gregory Peck, Dinah Shore, Jackie Gleason, Shelby Foote and Tokyo Rose.

These people died: Jack London, Henry James, and Rasputin.

But Kate Liston's lifetime adventure began here in Mansfield.

"We go to church at St. Peter's every Sunday," he said. "We went to the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve."

Other activities James and his mother participate in are bingo three times a week, day trips and picnics

"I love her to pieces. She's my little Jewel," Liston said. "We go all kinds of places. She wants to be where I am."

The birthday girl worked at Thermo-Disc for 26 years. She belonged to the German social club, Liederkranz and helped the auxiliary sell deserts at picnics.

"She loved Polkas. That was her thing," James said. "She taught me how to Polka."

James added he feels lucky his mother is celebrating another year, and hopes to celebrate more.

"Just having her with me means the whole world," he said.

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