Klondike Kalamity

MANSFIELD -- The Mansfield Playhouse has announced auditions for "Klondike Kalamity" on Nov. 11-12 at the 95 E. 3rd St. theater.

Auditions for the melodrama -- which has a cast of six men, three women and a bear -- will be by appointment only during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Klondike Kalamity" sets up as:

"The Great Yukon Blizzard of 1888 sets the scene for this hilarious romp over the fields of melodramatics. Included in the cast are: the fair and lovely maiden; the poor, crusty, but honest freelance lumberjack; the stalwart and heroic Mountie and a villain you will simply love to loathe!

"Add to their ranks a snow-blinded Inuit, a flapjack-filching bruin and one befuddled lass who keeps forgetting her identity (not to mention her sex!), and you have a madcap farce in the finest and funniest tradition of the melodrama.

"Will Fanduster T. Barrelbottom get away with his unmentionably nefarious scheme? Can our true-blue hero ever hope to clear his foully besmirched name? Is there a chance that the heroine may escape the sawmill blade?"

To make your appointment for an audition, please visit www.mansfieldplayhouse.com, click on the schedule your audition button, fill and submit form. More information on the audition process can be viewed on the website.

The comedy stages Jan. 17-18 and Jan. 24-25 at 8 p.m. and Jan. 26 at 2:30 p.m.

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